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Serve as national leaders in PD research

The research in our Udall Center is highly integrated, synergistic and interdisciplinary, addressing a significant and pressing challenge as to how α-synuclein and LRRK2 are linked to PD. Our Center will lead PD research by continuing making important discoveries to advance our understanding of PD pathogenesis.

Train the next generation leaders in PD research

We place great emphasis on providing rigorous training to junior members of our Udall Center and prepare them well to launch their independent research careers in PD research. We will accomplish our training goals through a combination of our Center-specific and community-based programs, including a unique Individual Career Development Plan based on each trainee’s educational and research background and career goals, and intense three-day training sessions during our Udall Center annual retreat in Boston.

Serve as a local resource for the Boston PD community

As the only Udall Center to serve the local communities in New England, we have planned a number of community outreach programs to stay connected with the local PD communities and to disseminate our latest PD research findings in a timely manner through organization of our Udall Center annual symposium, participation of local and national PD symposia organized by the National Parkinson’s Foundation and Parkinson’s Action Network, and our Udall Center website and social media.

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