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Core A: Administrative Core  (Jie Shen, Brigham and Women’s Hospital)

The Administrative Core oversees the overall function and integration of our Udall Center, and coordinates scientific directions and research activities among the Research Projects and the Research Core. The Administrative Core is responsible for allocating resources and research budgets, website and personnel management, and the coordination of all Center meetings, including the annual symposium, and meetings of the Executive, Internal and External Advisory Committees. The Administrative Core will also create and maintain our Udall Center website and social media to disseminate our Udall research findings to the general public in a timely fashion, and will partner with the established BIDMC website to reach patients effectively.

Training Director: Mel Feany, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Under the direction of Mel Feany, the Administrative Core oversees all training activities in our Udall Center. Our training goals are accomplished through a combination of Udall-specific and community-based programs. Our Udall-specific efforts provide training in Parkinson’s disease research, and also help integrate our trainees into the larger community of local PD researchers. Taking advantage of the wealth of high-quality educational programs available at our host institutions, the Udall trainees from all three laboratories will gather together in Boston during our annual Center retreat and receive extensive didactic training in translational PD research, clinical neurology and neuropathology of movement disorders, and career development in addition to a one-day symposium where latest discoveries of PD research will be presented.

Outreach Director: David Simon, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Under the direction of David Simon, the core organizes our annual symposium as part of our annual Center retreat in Boston. In addition to the Project PIs, leading PD experts whose latest work are highly impactful will be invited to present in the annual symposium. The Center Outreach Program Director coordinates additional outreach activities, including participation in local PD patient-oriented symposia at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Massachusetts General Hospital as well as national symposia organized by the National Parkinson’s Foundation and the Parkinson’s Action Network.

Core B: Mouse Core (Jie Shen, Brigham and Women’s Hospital)

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